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.:Amethyst:. - Steven Universe by SakiaLumei
.:Amethyst:. - Steven Universe


With the new episodes, I really want to include Peridot, Jasper, Ruby and Sapphire to my small series too. Worry not, I will still draw Garnet~

Art is (C) to me
Steven Universe is (C) to Rebecca Sugar
.:Pearl:. - Steven Universe by SakiaLumei
.:Pearl:. - Steven Universe
2nd portrait in my Crystal Gems series. Going to do Amethyst next then record myself drawing Garnet!

Steven Universe is (C) to Rebecca Sugar
.:Rose Quartz:. -Steven Universe by SakiaLumei
.:Rose Quartz:. -Steven Universe
I'm sorry I failed at water uggggh I'm so sorry.

Also don't blame me. How do you expect me not to fall in love with a character named after Rose Quartz.

Steven Universe is (C) to Rebecca Sugar. 
.:Venus:. by SakiaLumei
"Don't read much, do you, Mars? I shall tell you. Vulcan is married to Venus, you see. Venus likes to couple with Mars. So, he set a trap. A golden net to hoist and humiliate the couple. Of course, not that you would ever couple with my Venus. You're much too stubborn, too focused on your goal. But, you'd agree my Venus is untouchable. Don't you, Mars?"

"...In the end, were Mars and Venus happy together? Or were they mocked for eternity?"

"Stop asking me these questions, Lymere. Because tonight, Venus belongs not to you, not to me...but to the Vulcan in the palace far from here. And much like our own Venus, she will most likely belong to the person Jove chooses for her."

Even with context, it's confusing without context~

Inspired by a D&D RP in which the symbolism was shoved down our throats(by me). 

I just like the sea foam dress shush. 

Lily is (C) to me
Zain is (C) to a friend
Ethernitas:: Sakia Lowell by SakiaLumei
Ethernitas:: Sakia Lowell
Welp, here I am. Early. Hah. Also, note, no she cannot do that purple swirly was just for dramatic effect. hah
EDIT:: Runic brushes from
Anyway this is my character application for :iconethernitas:
AAaaaand here we go:

Name: Sakia Lowell

Age: 21

Race: Human

Personality: Sakia is an eccentric woman, always concocting strange, yet hopefully brilliant plans or
charmingly making her way out of messes. She comes off as quirky at times or a scatterbrain, 
proclaiming that her entire life is a mess one moment then rolling up her sleeves and declaring that she 
can fix everything the next. Sakia is bright and intelligent underneath all of that, but it does not come out 
as clearly. She often goes to extremities to better herself, such as staying awake for two or three entire days 
to read and study and then taking the next entire day to sleep as consequence. In general, though, she is
goodhearted and will not hesitate to help, especially if she gets to use any of her skills. 

She is also ambitious and has the makings of an excellent leader, as she so says. She can make good plans, think on
her feet, and handle the stress of being one. Again, so she says. She aspires to be in a high ­position of any sort, 
even if it means clawing her way there or through marriage. Because of this, she 
teaches herself in as many subjects as possible to keep herself well-­rounded, but she very seldom retains 
the right information. Another passion of hers is magic, inherited from her mother. She will go out of her 
way to learn and practice what she can. 

History: Sakia was born in the Earth Region, Larea Vanya, in the capital city Serinmir. Her mother hails 
originally from Yardenah Ran and met her father while traveling in Larea Vanya. Her mother said that 
because she was born from water and earth, the two elements of life, that Sakia would be a very cheerful, 
and lively child. And she definitely was. As a child, Sakia was fascinated by everything, including her 
mother’s magic. From very small, she knew she wanted to be a skillful mage like her mother. 

As the daughter of a scribe and bookkeeper and a freelance mage, her family grew up lower-­middle class 
but they were still happy. She thought nothing of it until she was older and started to realize a lot of the 
things wrong with the lower life, such as the lack of money for honest work and how having higher positions or
money automatically granted privilege. This stemmed her desire to become a government official or
diplomat, but she did not want to stop there; she dreams of staying right there in the castle and assisting 
the world. Her goal is very up in the stars and maybe a little ambitious, but that’s how she is.

Unfortunately, education and supplies are very expensive for a commoner like her, so attending the 
university is a far fetched dream at the moment. So, she decided to set out for the world and take on a more 
“hands-­on” approach by traveling the world so she can see everything for herself, just as her mother 
once did. Not only that, but she plans to take on odd jobs here and there to take care of herself and raise 
money for a proper education. She vowed not lose sight of her goals and lives each day for them.

Earth Elemental Magic:
• Intermediate Level. 
• [Vine] Can summon large vine from the ground granted there is grass vegetation in the 
surrounding area. Must take all of her effort to control and there can only be one at a time. The vine is about human width and size but can be made smaller to move faster.
The vine is faster the smaller it is and slower the larger or more diameter it has. 
• [Stalagmite] Can summon sharp rocks from the ground granted there is sturdy rock in the ground. 
After impact with the target or object, the rocks will break. Useful as temporary shield or attack but requires a lot of effort and cool down time. The rocks are a little taller and wider than she is and cannot change size. 
• [Plant Manipulation] Can manipulate plants smaller than herself with some effort, like curling 
their vines or grabbing something in their reach. Cannot make the plants bigger or deadlier than 
they are. Sakia does not have the right finesse or power to move the plants quickly and thus, the plant will move rather slow.
The plant must be in 30 meters/100 feet and cannot extend beyond that reach. The plant is neither reinforced, so a small
vine cannot be manipulated to be strong enough to, say, carry her up a wall. This is a rather simple spell and cannot be used in combat. It
is mostly used to reach small items and bring them to her. She can carry this spell for about 10 minutes before having to stop, regain composure, and resume. 

Water Elemental Magic: 
• [Water Manipulation] Can freely control about a gallon of water in terms of moving it around or
spraying/splashing it. Water must be within 15 meters and out in the open(not in the ground or a person). 
• [Water Refraction] Can take a small, palm-sized amount of water and bend the light with it to make a ball of light
used to dimly illuminate the area around her. Useful for seeing what is in front of you or nightlight reading, but is weak otherwise. 

Non Magical/Regular Skills
• Very fast reader and good at deciphering riddles.
• Good strategist. 

Should Sakia face combat, her only means of attack and defense is her magic. She carries no weapons. 

Status Points

Total: 120.   100 Used
­ Strength 15
 Ether 40
­ Vitality 20
­ Dexterity 15
­ Agility 10
­ Transform 0

er I'll be on in a bit

Watch me color/etc. a nsfw doujin I'm working on. 

NSFW sketch requests available for friends/mutuals


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United States
Sisters That Can Kick My Ass: :icontwilightwolfspirit: :iconglaciethewolf:

About me:
Name: Sofia (With an F!)
Residence: California, USA
Nationality: El Salvadorian

Occupation: Student
Dream Job: Game Design
Tools of Art: Wacom Intuos II, Corel Painter 11, Paint Tool Sai, and Photoshop CS6


I :heart: my friends and watchers! Thank you! :blowkiss:

Commissions are OPEN

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